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do not go to they are not aware. is focusing on partners and community-based organizations where people are going whether it is their health center, community center, or school. resources are at their disposal. place to a better reach communities. we have a marketplace widget that you can put on your website so when people go to your website they can click on the website and go to it is more likely they will go to your website in two hours. for them to get the correct information about this opportunity is important, which is why we encourage you to put that on your website. i will second that. not necessarily the it peace. talking about the community organizations out there and accountability. there is so much knowledge out doingamonglgbt and folk the consumer health work. part of the affordable care act itlementation is seeing how is coming together because there is so much that is out there but there is not the connections made between the consumer health advocate in the lgbt advocates. from the perspective of someone who does lgbt heal
reasons and quality healthcare reasons. this will drive of the cost of health coverage for every single american. it will decrease access to healthcare for virtually everything a american. i was just it will decrease quality because of the lack of innovation and resources being put in the area. and there is a board of 15 unelected democrats -- bureaucrats to determine whether or not seniors are going to be able to get the services they need. .hat is the wrong way to go we believe it ought to be repealed for quality healthcare reasons and put in place a patient-centered program. it would allow patients and doctors to make the decisions, not the federal government. host: if that is not repealed, how does the ryan budget treat its debts otherwise? aspirationals are document, their visionary documents. democrats from the and we are appreciative they're this we need to find common ground and move forward with the program that everybody agrees upon. until then, a budget is not a law. tobelieve it is important repeal the president health- care law for quality healthcare reasons. as a
it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> this week two of the biggest stories surrounding the capital include the battles over gay marriage and gun control. and right now we're joined by jonathan strong a reporter from "roll call." thanks for being with us. the first thing i want to talk about is gay marriage and the supreme court, it said, as we know to hear two cases on prop 8 and federal defense of marriage act and karl rove says he can see the 2016 presidential candidate favoring gay marriage so why the change and is this a financial play? >> yeah, one of the interesting details we're seeing is the donor collar of republicans is strongly behind republicans changing on gay marriage and actually rob portman who recently switched his view had just been kind
confessed they make are real and fair profit. 78 percent of staunch conservative say yes. the health-care law will have a mostly bad effect on u.s. healthcare. 27 percent of the general public says yes. 80 percent say yes. the numbers are also different in where the u.s. stance if it is above other countries in the world and whether or not traditional values are threatened by newcomers from other countries. is a staunch conservative base out of alignment with what the general populace things? how you change that? -- how do you change that. guest: that is a very tricky question. there are some things very core to your philosophical orientation. on the health care piece, there is still a mixed number of polls on exactly where the american people are on this health care for a lot of republicans, and conservatives, the fact is that this is a big expansion of government. that goes counter to the philosophy of limiting the expansion of government. creating access through a private market place where you can control and can get people in and out more efficiently verses having the government make
are not going to deliver it. >> the money for prefunding healthcare costs for rehire res through the year 2082 which is required by law. >> we are required to prepay health benefits for retirees for people not even born yet. that monkey on our back is the monkey no other company in america and no other federal agency in america has. >> they suggest spacing it out over time. the big question is can the post master general have that service without congressional approval. >> they don't have the right to come out and say that. >> the unofficial postal treaty says neither rain another snow saved them from the completion of the appointed rounds. if he gets his way completion of grounds could be blocked on saturdays. come ron gray houston, fox news. >> the race for 2016 already heating up. >> i always said i wanted to be part of a national debate. i think the republican party needs to figure out how to be bigger. that brings ideas to that. >> could sound like a yes. rand paul running for president? early to be talking about it. it was a packed house at a hotel in washington state. why people mrthere
1920. a lot of that midterm vote had to do with the healthcare law, did it not? >> it did. although you could argue in certain states it was more of an issue than in others. the american people by polls continue to believe that the law, the obama care should either be repealed or be substantially changed. that is an issue and which republican kansas city continue to run and it's one of the problems that the democrats v. i appreciate the helpful comments by friends such as "the new york times" and others, about how republicans could change and be more acceptable to the american people, in reality, however, i think republicans could sort that out themselves without that kind of advice. bill: when he says that it is kraoe created a competitive climate for decades to come between democrats and republicans, how do you interpret that? >> i a tkpwraoefplt as obama care unfolds you see more and more of the problems. remember, nancy pelosi's comment we have to pass it to see what's in it and the american people are now seeing what is in it. it has not reduced the cost of healthcare or insurance.
. the highest quality, lowest cost healthcare in america. our vision is to create access to healthcare and consumer pharmacies across the country and makeer the doctors it convenient for you as a consumer and have a brilliant experience with healthcare, which is unlikely do have today. >> the latest on on consumer tech and communications at the ecs. >> the winners have been selected in this year's student cam documentary competition on the theme "your message to the president." the grand prize winner is josh stokes from connecticut can his video was on unemployment in america. received pennsylvania a prize for his documentary. watched the winning videos these days on c-span. and see the documentary on student >> on friday, former and current jpmorgan chase executives took responsibility and expressed regret at a senate investigative subcommittee for the decisions that led to the firms trading loss. the said committee has issued a resort -- a report claiming those losses on key executives at the firm, as well as on government regulators. this portion of the hearing is an hour a
, and throat. >> what this is about is to deliver the highest quality, lowest cost healthcare in america. our vision is to create access to healthcare in consumer pharmacies all across the country, and empower the health systems and doctors there where it's convenient for you as a consumer and let you have a brilliant experience with healthcare, which is unlike what you probably have today. >> the latest in consumer and tech from this year's consumer electronics show, tonight on "the communicators" at 8:00 astern on c-span2. >> "washington journal" continues. host: for the latest developments in the debate over immigration reform, we're joined by national immigration law center executive directory, marielena hincapie. ms. hincapie, we're seeing reports that both the house and the senate are working on separate proposals on immigration reform. what's the latest on timing for when we're going to start hearing details of those efforts? guest: we're hoping that the timing is very, very soon. congress goes out on recess on thursday, and so we're hoping that at least on the senate, that the biparti
's going to be growing in the future. now you can go to and sign up for current up to date information about the development in the marketplaces across the country but what we also understand as a lot of people, they don't go to they're not aware of government web sites and really it's not something they're familiar with so this is why it's crisply -- critically focusing on partners. whether it's their health center or community center or a school. the resources that are already at their disposal if you can link to this information without much in the hard-to-rhard-to-r each communities. we have a marketplace with it which is this i.t. term you can put on your web site so that people are going to your web site they can click on on the web site and immediately go to with relevant marketplace information and it's much more likely they will go to your web site but for them to get the correct information about this this important opportunity it's important which is why they encourage you all to put that on your web site. stay it's not necessarily
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noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still going to give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >>> snooki best known for her wild bar hopping, her drunken antics, on her spinoff show, her life is a bit more tame thanks to her new little baby, lorenzo, and her fiance. but maybe not. take a look. >> are you going to be good? >> no cart wheels. i'm a mom now. i'm back and i love it. >> i don't want to marry you if you to stuff like that. >> you make me feel like a really bad person and i'm not. >> we agreed it's never going to be like an easy ride. >> i just moved to jersey and i'm trying to be like a jersey girl. a real jersey girl. >> her baby just baptized yesterday. there is a lot of news to report in snooki world in addition to the birth of her child and baptism. she has recently lost 42 pounds and showing off the new look all over the cover of us magazine. everyone is talking about it. >> and she has just entered the studio. there she is. n
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against u.s. citizens, it could be taxes and repealing healthcare. the point to remember, this is adding on to a budget resolution. it is interesting and it may give people clues as to what appetites there are in the senate to pass or repeal certain elements of policy. host: the headline says the senate is poised to pass a budget. do you expect it to pass? guest: we do expect it to pass. behink the democrats will able to control the process and get it to pass. they have a small window. you would need vice president biden to come down and break the tie. the significance is, this is the result -- there is a lot of pent up frustration on the republican side. that is why we might see a late night tonight and into the morning. once it is passed, i think a lot of people will feel better and democrats will say we passed a budget. republicans will say we got to complain about this budget grade it is hard to see how the senate reconciles with the house budget. we don't know that there will be an effort made to bring the two together. they move in opposite directions. host: what happens after cong
governmentand the old one-size-fits-all bureaucracy. better education. better healthcare. better opportunities. there are americans who still need jobs. families who deserve more take home pay. students who must have great schools. supportof them democrats simply because we haven't done a good enough job offering them our alternative. towns,n't been in their their cities, their neighborhoods. but we're going to be. however, the rnc can't do it alone. so i ask my fellow republicans to think about what you can doand commit to building our party together. and to anyone listening online, i want to hear from you. join me in a twitter q-and-a this afternoon at 1 p. m. eastern. just tweet @reince with the hashtag "opportunity." to those who have left the party, let me say this, we want to earn your trust again. to those who have yet to join us, we welcome youwith open arms. there's more that unites us than you know. my job is to make that clear. thethat's the purpose of plans i've announced today. with that, i'm now happy to questions from all of you here. no hashtag required. >> is seeking out the t
. you get to stay in your parent's healthcare plan. the pain comes. this year and next year, premiums go up. long lines. it's going to be a real train wreck people are predicting. >> alisyn: for doctors, it's worrisome because they believe, at least according to this study med page new study for physicians. 48% of them believe that their income will drop. their income has been dropping with, i guess, legs medicare or medicaid reimbursements. they believe their income will drop as a direct result of the affordable care act. some are considering getting out of the business all together. they also believe their best years are behind them. they have a real case of pessimism. >> clayton: young people i don't hear them talking about medical field. computer development. they see the best and brightest the young folks are not seeking a career in medicine like they once did because of all of these restrictions. >> peter: you could go into plastic surgery and make a ton of dough there no one is doing the internist and that i understand could of surgery. the money is not there anymore. take out a $
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, we might see today drone strikes against u.s. citizens, taxes, repealing healthcare -- they might all come up, but it is adding to a nonbinding budget resolution, so it is interesting and it might give people clues. host: a headline in your sayscation, "the hill," the senate is poised to pass a budget. guest: i think democrats will control the process and get it passed. .hey have a small window they can afford five democrats to not vote for it and still pass it, and in that case you would need vice president joe biden to break the time. -- the thai. .- tie there is pent-up frustration on the republican side about no real budget debate over four years. once it is passed, a lot of people will feel better. democrats will say we passed a budget, republicans get to complain about the budget month but from there it is hard to see how the senate budget reconciles with the house budget. we are not aware that there will be an effort to bring them together and it is hard to imagine how they will marry them because they move in opposite directions. host: what happens after congress comes back fr
as a result of the budget process. we had one of those in 2010. this was part of the health-care debate. since, this is the first then where senators are offering unlimited amendments on a host of subjects that they have been dying to get the votes for over the past several years. >> this is an interesting confluence, because this weekend marks the third anniversary passage of the health care law. a couple of amendments deal with health care. >> we have already seen a couple of health care-related votes. there was a vote on last night's where the senate endorsed the idea of repealing a medical device tax that was part of the health care law. we have seen another failed bid to repeal the law. there will be other amendments, i think, that we are likely to see that will take pieces of the law, implementation timeline, something you will hear a lot today, and observers know, all of the stuff that is non-binding. we're not dealing with an appropriation bill here, so it is not like there is an amendment to find something as part of the debate. it does not have the same force of law as would be one t
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18